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Thu 6.00-10.00
Filling of the magnets with liquid nitrogen
Tue or Fri 8.00-11.00
Filling of the magnets with liquid helium (every 6 weeks)

During the filling of the magnets, the NMR spectrometers are out of service.

New Users

The AC NMR Center is open for all members of the inorganic chemistry research unit (acces for other interested researchers can be arranged).

Acces to the 200 MHz spectrometer in automation mode (AV II 200  C 17) is granted only after an introductory course (approx. 30 min). Appointments for these courses can be made directly with Jan Dirk Epping. The courses are open for all postdocs, technicians, PhD, diploma, master and bachelor students as well as all research visitors staying for several months or longer

If you are involved in research projects that necessitate extended use of the 400 MHz specrometer training and acces to the 400 MHz spectrometer in manual mode (AVII 400 im C17) is possible.

Solid-state NMR samples are normally measured as a service by Jan Dirk Epping or Samantha Voges. For Researchers involved in projects with extended use of solid-state NMR training and access to the 400 MHz solid-state NMR is also possible. 

Measurements & sample submission

Measurements at the AV II 200 in room C17 can be carried out anytime outside the maintenance time.

NMR service at the AV II 400 in room C17 will be carried out  by Samantha Voges or Jan Dirk Epping. Please contact us via the electronic order form or contact us personally in special cases. (contact information).

For Solid-State NMR Service please contact Jan Dirk Epping.

People with Permission to use the AVII 400 in room C17 or the solid-state spectrometer in room C18  can reserve meaurement time via the online scheduling system Faces (Group: TUBNMR).


Floating licenses of Topspin NMR processing software are available for members of the inorganic chemistry research unit. Please contact Jan Dirk Epping for the installation of the software. Alternatively, the freeware Spinworks is available for download from the University of Manitoba websites.


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