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NMR Centre OC

HETLOC spectrum of ethyl cronate

The NMR Centre OC is in charge of the service for the NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) measurements of the organic chemistry section. In addition to measurements of biochemical and organic chemical samples, the centre provides maintenance of the superconducting magnets, teaching of new users and  consultation in NMR problems. Currently four high field magnets ranging from 400 to 700 MHz are part of the NMR Centre. The equipment enables us to measure not only standard spectra, but also to determine the structure and conformation of natural products, reaction behaviour of molecules and detection of metalloorganic compounds via heteronuclear magnetic resonance.

A part of the equipment was funded by the project "Zentrum für konformationelle Strukturanalytik" (KonStruktA) of the European Union (EFRE).



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