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Applied Physical Chemistry

Our research group works in the area of phases and interfaces. We examine the interactions in thin liquid films (foam films and wetting films between two solid interfaces) and at the air / water interface (pure water, and multi-component solutions). Another main focus is polyelectrolyte multilayers and temperature and / or pH sensitive hydrogels. This includes production and characterisation of nanostructured (two dimensional) polymer films with specific response characteristics, and the analysis of structure-property relationship that enables the practical use of such materials for "smart" switches and sensors.

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Prof. Dr. Regine v. Klitzing
Group Leader
Applied Physical Chemistry


Maria Bülth
Sekr. TC 9
Raum TC 402, 4. OG
Tel: +49-30-314-21544
Fax: +49-30-314-26602

Petra Erdmann
Sekr. TC 7
Raum TC 402, 4. OG
Tel: +49-30-314-23931
Fax: +49-30-314-26602