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after 2006

A study upon interaction of dodecylpyridinium chloride with sodium dextran sulfate
Citation key angh07
Author Anghel, Dan F. and Mihai, Doina M. and Stinga, Gabriela and Iovescu, Alina and Baran, Adriana and von Klitzing, Regine
Pages 781–+
Year 2007
Journal Rev. Roum. Chim.
Volume 52
Number 8-9
Abstract The interaction between dodecylpyridinium chloride (DoPCI) and sodium dextran sulfate (NaDxS) has been studied in the absence and presence of sodium chloride by means of potentiometry with solid-state surfactant-selective electrode, surface tension and conductometry. The obtained critical aggregation concentration (cac) values were smaller than the surfactant critical micellar concentration (cmc). The inorganic electrolyte entailed the decrease of cmc and the increase of cac. The binding isotherms revealed that DoPCI interacts cooperatively with NaDxS, and the cooperativity increases when sodium chloride is added. The results were discussed taking into consideration the electrostatic and hydrophobic forces involved in the surfactant-polymer binding.
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