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Prof. Fraser Armstrong (University of Oxford)
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford
Electrochemistry on O2-tolerant hydrogenases from R. eutropha

Prof. Robert Bittl, Dr. Christian Teutloff (FU Berlin)
Department of Physics, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy

Prof. Stephen Cramer (US Davis)
Department of Chemistry, UC Davis, USA
Nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy

Prof. Holger Dau, Dr. Michael Haumann (FU Berlin)
Department of Physics, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Prof. Charles Dismukes (Rutgers University)
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Biosolar H2 production by robust cyanobacteria

Prof. Anna Fischer (University of Freiburg)
Institute of Inorganic und Analytic Chemistry, Universität Freiburg, Germany
Inorganic functional materials for immobilization of biocatalysts

Prof. Baerbel Friedrich (HU Berlin)
Department of Biology/Microbiology, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany
Molecular biology and biochemistry on O2-tolerant hydrogenases

Prof. John Golbeck (Penn State University)
Biochemistry and Biophysics, Penn State University, USA
Electronic connection of hydrogenases and PSI in vitro using chemically synthesized molecular wires

Prof. Joachim Heberle (FU Berlin)
Department of  Physics, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
Surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy on of hydrogenases-PSI supercomplexes immobilized on gold surfaces

Prof. Peter Hildebrandt, Dr Friedhelm Lendzian, Dr Ingo Zebger (TU Berlin)
Department of Chemistry, Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany
Vibrational and electron spin resonance spectroscopy on hydrogenases

Dr. Lars Jeuken (University of Leeds)
School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds, UK
Electrochemistry of membrane-embedded hydrogenase

Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil (University of Graz)
Department of Chemistry - Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry, University of Graz, Austria
H2-driven cofactor regeneration in coupled enzymatic reactions

Prof. Wolfgang Lubitz (MPI Muelheim)
Max Planck Institute for Bioinorganic Chemistry, Muelheim, Germany
Spectroscopy and crystallisation of O2-tolerant hydrogenases

Prof. Matthias Rögner (University of Bochum)
Plant Biochemistry, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany
Cyanobacterial genetics and photosystems

Dr. Patrick Scheerer (Charité Berlin)
Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics, Charité Berin, Germany
Hydrogenase crystallisation

Prof. Bob Tabita (Ohio State University)
Department of Microbiology, Ohio State University, USA
Heterologous synthesis of proteins involved in CO2 fixation

Prof. Kylie Vincent (University of Oxford)
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Chemistry Department, University of Oxford
Electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry on O2-tolerant hydrogenases from R. eutropha


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