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Prof. André Laschewsky
University Potsdam, Germany

Joint project "Rheologic surveillance of microemulsions"
Prof. Stefania Milioto
Dr. Giuseppe Lazzara
Dr. Nicola Muratore
Universita di Palermo, Italia
Prof. Conxita Solans
CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
DAAD-Project: Analysis of nanoemulsion formation with the aid of PIC-Method
Prof. Norman Wagner
University of Delaware, USA
DAAD-Project: Complexes of oppositely charged surfactants and polymers
Dr. José Escalante
Universidad de Guadelajara, Mexico
DAAD-Project: Microemulsions with multiple charged counterions
Dr. Oleg Borisov
Université de Pau, France
DAAD-Project: Gradientcopolymers
Prof. Karel Procházka
Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Czechia
DAAD-Project: Selfaggregation in diluted Copolymersystems
Prof. Surinder Mehta
Chandigarh University, India
DAAD-Project: Surfactant based creation of nanoparticles


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