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Nano Isothermal Titration Calorimeter


The nanoITC is specifically engineered for the characterization of binding and kinetics properties on purified dilute samples.  The nanoITC uses a differential power compensation design for maximum sensitivity and responsiveness, that means it measure change in power (typically resistance heating) required to maintain a system at a constant temperature (power compensation). The nanoITC consists of the measuring unit (calorimeter block and two non-removable reaction vessels), the burette assembly, which includes the stirring system, and a cleaning accessory. All functions of the nanoITC are controlled remotely by the computer through the USB connection.


Some possible Applications

- Analysis of Binding Organic Compounds to Nanoparticles

- Enthalpy Analysis of Binding Metal

- Ions to Ligands Thermodynamics of Micelle Formation



- Temperature Range: 0 to 80 °C

- Injection Interval: 150 s minimum

- Response Time: 15 s

- Cell Volume: 1.0 mL (24K Gold)

- Precision Burette: 100 or 250 μL

- Volume Increment: 1 to 250 μL

- Stirring Rate: 0, 150-400 rpm





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