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Scientific work leading to a doctoral degree at the Department of Physical Chemistry / Molecular Material Sciences is usually done within a formally announced research subject or, should the situation arise, within a scholarship organised by the student himself. The usual running time is three years. Successful applications require a university degree (diploma, master) enabling the acceptance for doctoral studies at TU Berlin. As such, degrees from universities outside Germany or Fachhochschulen may be subjected to an evaluation ending up in the demand of additional course achievements at TU Berlin. Besides, all applicants must be fluent in oral and written English, able to do independent research and willing to work in a team. 

The subjects are constantly offered within running research projects. They may focus on preparation and charakterization of collodal systems (based on surfactants, polymers or anorganic colloids), whereby the correlation between the molecular structure, the mesoscopic patterns and the properties of those systems, considering their static and dynamic aspects as well, is the centre of our attention. 


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