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X-ray laboratory


In our X-ray lab we operate the SAXSess mc2 small- and wide-angle scattering system (Anton Paar GmbH, Graz, Austria) with a sealed copper tube at λCu-Kα = 0.1542nm with the option of line and point collimation. The detection system includes a CCD camera for SAXS measurements and an imaging plate detector for SWAXS and SAXS measurements within a Q-range of 0.04 nm-1 < Q < 27 nm-1.

The wide range of research work requires a variety of sample cells and environments. Therefore, we use refillable 1mm diameter quartz capillaries, a flow cell setup and a rotor cell for liquid samples. Highly viscous samples can be measured in a paste cell. Additionally, it is possible to measure powders within these different types of sample cell. The sample holder units provide a temperature range from -30°C to 120°C or up to 300°C.

Surface investigations are conducted using the Bruker-AXS D8 Discover XRD diffraction system (Bruker AXS GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany) long-fine focus KFLCu2K-tube at λCu-Kα = 0.1542nm. The double goniometer setup provides the option of in-plane GISAXS measurements in addition to classical X-ray reflectometry. The instrument spans an angle range -4° to 75°. A 5'' vacuum stage is routinely used for measurements on samples with layered structures on e.g. silicon substrates and ambient conditions. Humidity sensitive samples like polyelectrolyte multilayers can be placed within a sealed sample chamber which allows to scan samples at small silicon wafer and at large single crystall silicon blocks. Additionally, particle films and similar structures at liquid/air interfaces a studied using a Langmuir trough with active vibration damping.

More Information:

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