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Chemistry at TUB - Welcome


Chemistry is one of the basic natural sciences where a focal point of research is on materials, their synthesis, and properties.

Research in the Institute of Chemistry focuses on catalysis and contributes to areas such as synthesis, solid-state chemistry, and materials science. Main areas of scientific activities involve physical and theoretical chemistry, biological chemistry, and chemical engineering. In catalysis activities range from homogeneous over heterogeneous to biocatalysis. These topics are addressed by the Cluster of Excellence "Unifying Concepts in Catalysis" (UniCat) located primarily at TUB.

Another focus in research at the Institute of Chemistry is the self-assembly of soft matter systems at interfaces. Within the framework of the International Graduate Research Training Group 1524 (SSNI) a broad spectrum of themes ranging from protein adsorption to processes at biological membranes is investigated by a US-German Team of researchers with backgrounds in Physical Chemistry and Physics. TU Berlin is the host university of this project.