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Dear students, dear newly enrolled students,

First of all, a warm welcome to the Institute of Chemistry in the summer semester 2020!

This semester is a special one for you and for us. Much of what was considered safe until recently has begun to falter and a regular semester is out of the question now, as there will be no in-class teaching for the time being.

Nevertheless, we have decided to make you an offer for this semester. Despite the unusual situation, we are trying to offer you as many courses as possible. Please understand that not every offer actually intended for this semester can be considered. We will also understand if not all of you can take up these offers.

You will find all important information about our courses in the corresponding ISIS course pages of the modules. Please register for all courses you are interested in - even if they will probably not take place. Should it be decided that additional courses will be offered, you can be informed about this in a timely and specific manner.

The registration keys, which may be necessary to subscribe to the ISIS courses, will be sent out via the mailing lists for students of the Bachelor's and Master's programs in chemistry. Please make sure to subscribe to the mailing list that applies to you.

Since it is not foreseeable when the current situation will change, we also ask you to be available at short notice in case the in-class teaching is possible again. This also applies to the actual lecture-free period.

You can find general information from the TU Berlin regarding the present situation either on the main page or specifically about studying in general in the summer semester and examinations.

The statement of the state of Berlin on the summer semester you can find here and in more detail here.

In case of further questions, we are available for you.


With best regards and wishes for your health

The lecturers and professors of the Institute of Chemistry



(Online-)Teaching and study feedback

In order to continue to enhancee the quality of teaching at Faculty II, you have the opportunity to send us your feedback directly. Above all, we are interested in whether and how the implementation of online teaching works from your point of view. You can submit your feedback anonymously; it is not necessary to provide an e-mail address.

Despite all the difficulties, we were able to offer the vast majority of the courses in the past summer semester and in the current winter semester. The teachers invest a lot of time, energy and ideas in order to make the changeover to exclusively online teaching as smooth as possible. However, if there are still problems at one point or another even after having consulted the relevant lecturer directly, please give us feedback. But we also look forward to reading what is already working well or about new ideas that enable uncomplicated study.

It's not just about collecting information about where we can improve or what is already working well. We are always happy to receive new ideas that enable uncomplicated study.

Anonymous feedback form:


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